Home sweet home

Well, hello! Did you get lost? Or did you actually intend to visit this dusty corner of the Internet? At any rate, your visit is appreciated. Eggum.net has changed through the years - sometimes for the better, but mostly for the worse. It's a playground where things are built up and demolished. One of the lasting features, however, is the e-mail system. But what do you care?
Everything is changing. What else is new? Instead of hanging around here, I have a few suggestions: First of all, give me a call and let's agree on when and where to grab the next cup of coffee together and get up to date on things. If that's not an option, look around and see if someone else wants to hang out with you for a little bit. And if that doesn't appeal to you either, how about clicking on one of these links. Maybe they even work. Browse the world, aquire knowledge, go somewhere, read a book, download a challenging cross-platform multiplayer game, find some friends, compare prices on stuff, do some networking, catch up with the news, or whatever.