Jan Eggum


I was born in Norway 60 years ago and finished my Master of Science degree as a cand. agric. in 1974. The next 12 years I spent marketing pharmaceutical and agricultural products. I also translated English computer programs to Norwegian.


The next chapter of my life started in 1986 when I started my own computer school, got a degree in Business Administration, and entered The Royal Norwegian Society for Development as a teacher. I worked with rural development for a few years, but my knowledge about computers put me into the position of the local wizard.


As Information and Communication Technology Manager I had the responsibility to give my company the tools and knowledge to enter the world of electronic workflow. When I was not planning the future, I was helping and instructing my co-workers. I enjoyed this position as a computer expert for more than 10 years until I started to look for new opportunities.


A visit to Thailand in 2005 proved to be a turning point in my career. I wanted to learn a new language and culture, and at the same time work and make a living. After some time in real estate, where the most interesting parts of the job were to translate prospects and information about Thailand, I decided to go on with the translation bit, and am now a full time translator.


I like to take on challenges, and my first project was translating a phrasebook from English to Norwegian-Thai. I got to use my computer skills in working with InDesign, my knowledge of the Thai language in transcribing the phrases, and of course my ability to translate English into Norwegian.


Living and working in Thailand is great!